What is Synpat? Synpat is...

Synpat was created by the Synergis & iBer teams in 2018-2019 as an alternative to the existing patenting, copyright deposit system and most importantly as a single analytical cluster.

Over the past 1.5 years, we have been able to: create a tool to save documents/texts to Steem & Ethereum blockbusters; develop a simple bot to evaluate sites according to our own 4T methodology; and develop common algorithms to evaluate the security (mainly financial) of various IT products.

All source codes are open, as our team is: we are ready to work with any project/association/company, which is based on the fact that equality and fairness are more important than a momentary income.

But already today you can use Synpat for: organizing any disputes/parties, fixing any forecasts, protecting your own copyrights and in many other directions.

In the near future we will make integration with torrent links (magnet-links), ipfs and finalize the telegram bot. After that, the main work will be in the study of various innovations to eventually create a single neural network and semantic graph of knowledge with which to solve a variety of applied business tasks.

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